Be Cosmic not Cosmetic!

Five Sutras from Yoga for a Natural Way to Be Beautiful.

Yoga is a teaching that puts us in touch with our own true being. Yoga invites us to turn to our inner essence and direct our attention to what we “really” are.

According to yoga, this is how we discover our inner beauty that permeates our entire being – our body, mind and soul. Remembering our true identity refreshes and invigorates every molecule in our body: the circulation, blood flow, nervous system and digestion. In short, all of our body systems are uplifted in the expanded soul consciousness.



The Five Sutras reveal the five cosmic beauty secrets of yoga that can change our life



1. Your body is a temple. Take good care of it.

The moment that we become aware of our own body’s indescribable nature, we will treat it with more respect. When we think about the wondrous way that it works and the service that it performs for us day after day, we will fall in love with its selflessness and reliability. When we listen to our own heartbeat, we feel gratitude.



2. Be good to yourself

Some of the ways in which we take care of our body may just be a substitute for something completely different such as good, deep relaxation (which we should allow ourselves at least twice every day for 11 minutes). Or a workout that makes us sweat and invigorates every cell with fresh air when we stretch, run or swim. How can we replace this if we can’t find the time for it?

We probably are not missing cookbooks for a healthy diet, but what type of nutrition do we give our body? Most people invest a lot of time and care in cars and computers. Our body also needs this care in the form of a healthy and balanced diet.



3. Relax

We often don’t allow ourselves really deep relaxation since our compact time management leaves too little time for it.  Yet, there’s a time for everything:  a time to work and a time to sleep; a time to eat and a time to digest; a time for the family and a time for ourselves; a time for information from the outer world and a time for meditation and the inner world. But when we confuse the natural rhythms of life, we become exhausted. So how can we find our natural beauty?



4. There’s nothing more beautiful than nature.

Had it been possible for nature to make us even more beautiful, wonderful and happy than we already are, it would certainly have done so.  We are the creatures, the children and the image of our Infinite Mother who is love, life and beauty. Let nature show us this. How beautiful is a rose? How elegant is a crystal?


We are the crown of the Creation. We are all of this in one. So we can relax, be delighted about what we are, explore our true nature and discover our cosmic identity. When we fall in love with every tiny bit of ourselves, we will experience how every tiny bit falls in love with us.



5. Be good to the world around you.

All of us have a soul. We have millions of soul partners. In the essence of yoga, we understand that “We are one.”


Hurting someone else means the same as hurting ourselves. We have the right to protect ourselves, to decide what is right and wrong and to say no. If we bring friendliness, fairness and good vibrations with us wherever we go and treat others as we would like to be treated, we act like human beings. Then we will be relaxed and good to ourselves. Then we will live in our own true nature. And be amazingly beautiful.


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