Cal Retor Project

For over two decades now, Herbes del Moli has supplied us with a variety of ingredients. As a long-standing business partner, YOGI TEA® is therefore collaborating with Herbes del Moli on a project aimed at helping people with mental health problems to integrate into everyday working life.

The project currently encompasses a group of 11 people working on an organic-certified farm owned by Herbes del Moli. They grow and also harvest various herbs such as sage and oregano. Before the project was launched, most of the fields on this farm lay fallow.

Gruppenfoto Cal Retor Projekt

The overarching aim of the project is not only to help these people integrate into normal everyday working life but to also aid them in finding long-term employment later on, independently of the project. With this in mind, the group is not only gaining practical experience in agriculture and the cultivation and harvesting of herbs, but is also being taught theoretical knowledge in these areas.

In addition, the focus is on ensuring that in future, the project can be continued independently and without the assistance of Herbes del Moli and YOGI TEA®. To this end, as soon as all the available fields have been planted and the plants are mature enough, the harvest will be sold to cover the farm’s running costs. Much of it will be sold to YOGI TEA®.