Our production

With lots of power for little energy

Since the 90’s we have had a very professional production plant in Imola, a town with 70,000 inhabitants located in Northern Italy, between Ravenna on the Adriatic coast and Bologna, in Emilia-Romagna region, where the well-known Packaging Valley is located.

When we looked for the right place where to pack and assemble our products, it was important to us to find suitable machines and even more to find a partner and leadership that share our philosophy. In the production plant we now produce more than half a billion tea bags a year – with an increase every year. But that also means more and more use of energy and resources in general.

This is why we also have a special responsibility in production, in order to reduce the CO2 footprint, so we use electricity from renewable energies in our factory. A special technology also adapts the energy consumption for air conditioning to the changing requirements in the plant and of course we send our precious goods from Imola by rail to our finished goods warehouse in Germany, from where they start their journey to other European countries. We also recently set up a dedicated warehouse in Italy to reduce the CO2 footprint for logistics in some southern European countries.