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Organically grown herbs and spices are essential for the purity and unique flavours of Ayurvedic tea recipes from YOGI TEA®. For that reason, YOGI TEA® uses carefully selected ingredients from verified organic farming.

As a pioneer of Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas, YOGI TEA® has been committed to organic farming methods since the 80s. At a time when there were no organic certificates and sustainably sourced products were a rarity, we travelled to the most remote corners of the world to find the best organic ingredients for our unique blend of teas.

Organic farming helps preserve the Earth’s beauty, fruitfulness and vitality by doing without synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilisers or genetic engineering. This natural and sustainable approach to farming protects the soil, water and air, preserving the earth’s unique diversity of species. Closed-loop recycling with nutrient cycles that are as self-contained as possible conserves raw materials and reduces energy consumption.

All YOGI TEA® products feature the EU organic logo and represent high-quality herbal and spice teas produced, using strictly verified organic farming, treatment and storage methods. The suppliers of our organic ingredients are also certified organic companies and are accredited by the official inspection bodies such as IMO. As well as the EU organic logo, YOGI TEA® herbal and spice teas feature various national organic logos.

Bio Logos Organic products naturally vary in taste. In order to guarantee the consistently high-quality and unique taste of the herbs and spices used by YOGI TEA®, our carefully selected Ayurvedic tea blends are regularly inspected for their taste, smell and purity, and meet HACCP food hygiene regulations.

At the YOGI TEA® production locations and offices, we only use electricity from renewable sources to minimise our carbon footprint.  We aim to further reduce our footprint by transporting YOGI TEA® products between our factory and our warehouse by train. Our offices in Hamburg are housed in a listed office building that was renovated in 2012 to become energy-efficient and has been awarded Green Building certification by the European Commission.

YOGI TEA® also promotes the vitality of its staff with various offers. The private involvement of employees in local charitable projects has traditionally been supported through the provision of free work space and donations to the initiatives in question. YOGI TEA® has been supporting its employees’ use of public transport for many years.

 Gallery: Visit to our farmers

Rooibos field (South Africa)

Traditional rooibos harvest (South Africa)

Rooibos fresh from the field (South Africa)

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Kakaoplante (Bolivia)

Tørking av kakaobønner (Bolivia)

Ingefærfelt (India)

Meningsutveksling mellom bønder og landsbyboere (India)

Fersk ingefær (India)

Høsting av kanelbark (Madagaskar)

Tørking av kanelbark (Madagaskar)

Ingefærfelt (Peru)

Nyhøstede ingefærrøtter (Peru)