7 important things to do for yourself

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7 ways to find inner balance.

Do you work to live or do you actually live to work?

Nowadays it happens very often that our jobs have become our life. Job competition is keen, we’re probably all feeling the need to perform to our maximum and so we do a lot of extra hours of work. This is not the only thing. In this day and age we are experiencing an information overload. Did you know that more new information has been generated within the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000?! Being surrounded with so much information causes the so called busy lethargy: People are having trouble making decisions and feel that they are running themselves ragged, but still not getting anywhere.

Do you feel this way sometimes?

We’d like to give you some suggestion to break the circle and find balance in a stressful routine.

1) Having some relaxing herbal tea: take time for a cup of tea containing for example relaxing herbs like lavender or valerian root. Enjoy the flavor coming out of the cup, enjoy every single sip, and enjoy the simple fact of keeping a warm cup in your hands.

2) Learn to pace yourself: take breaks and learn to know when to skim and when to study.

3) Examine your thoughts: take control by determining how much information you let in.

4) Avoid scheduling yourself to death: make some holes in your schedule, find the time to remember why you’re alive and to feel that you are alive!

5) Practice relaxation techniques like this one: sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair with your spine straight and feet flat on the floor. Block off your right nostril with your right index finger and breathe deeply and slowly through the left nostril. Let your left hand relax in your lap. Eyes are closed. Continue for 1-5 minutes. Practice this pranayam to realise the calming and receptive side of your being.


Easy Yogic Breathing to Relax

6) Get some sleep: make sure you sleep deeply, and awaken refreshed. Try to go to sleep before 10:3, sleep in a dark room, free of distractions, and allow yourself to descend very deeply into a full relaxation.

7) It is ok to not finish the to-do list once a in a while: we all know rationally that the world will not stop spinning if we do not finish our to-do lists today. But it’s good to remind ourselves. Every to-do list is long but everything on it gets done better (and usually faster) when you take time each day for yourself, starting by getting in touch with the rhythms of natural living.