YOGI TEA® provides a home for wild bees – our wild bee hotel

Why is it so important to protect wild bees? Here you can find out about protecting wild bees and learn tips on how to do your bit with our YOGI TEA® wild bee hotel.

Let’s join forces and do something to preserve wild bees and our ecosystem!


Deutsche Wildtierstiftung


Small creatures, huge importance.

Owing to human influence on nature and the use of pesticides, wild bees have lost a substantial proportion of their original habitat. As a result, just under 300 species of wild bee are on the endangered list. Yet wild bees are incredibly important to nature and us humans, as 80% of plants rely on insects to pollinate them. Increasing urbanisation also means that these little creatures have ever fewer safe spaces in which to nest and hibernate. These are the reasons why we want to help save the wild bees.



A home with 80 rooms

Here at YOGI TEA®, it is in keeping with our philosophy to help out wherever we can to protect people and the environment. For this reason, we have worked with bee experts and bee-keepers’ associations to develop a wild bee hotel that offers these creatures a new home and, above all, a safe space in which to nest, hibernate and rest. This allows the females to create a nest in the wild bee hotel and provide their offspring with food after they hatch.



Our wild bee hotels have approx. 80 holes in varying sizes so that different species of wild bee can find shelter here. The wild bee hotel was made with untreated wood from the empress tree. The hotel is made of a light yet solid wood, thereby offering the wild bees good protection. The wood used is FSC-certified.




Help out!

There are many different ways you can help wild bees:



♥ Install nesting aids

A wild bee hotel lets you provide a nesting aid and thus create a home for these creatures. Regardless of whether it’s a garden or balcony, simply hang the wild bee hotel a little above ground level and ensure that it doesn’t get wet. Choose a sunny location, preferably south-facing. Then you can sit back and wait for the first creatures to move in. You will thereby be doing a big favour not just for wild bees but also a whole host of other insects looking for a place to nest and hibernate.



♥ Sow wild flowers

Transform your garden or balcony into a paradise for wild bees by sowing as many types of native wild flower and herb as possible, from which the wild bees can then extract pollen and nectar. These should provide a varied range of flowers throughout the summer months.

With your purchase of a wild bee hotel, you will receive free seeds for a colourful array of flowers that will enchant the wild bees and yourself afresh each day.



♥ Don’t use pesticides

Finally, it is especially important not to use pesticides on the plants in your garden or on your balcony, as these are fatal to wild bees and other insects.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult at all to help save wild bees. We hope that we have inspired you to be more aware of wild bees, and are happy that so many of them will find a new home in your wild bee hotel.



You can find our bee hotel in selected organic stores as part of a wonderful gift set with two delicious YOGI TEA® varieties:

Turmeric Orange and Alkaline Herbs. The set was lovingly packaged by the NORDEIFELWERKSTÄTTEN, a workshop for people with disabilities.



Wild bees love to visit the YOGI TEA® team!

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