Meditation for the nose...and the senses!

We breathe and smell with our nose. Its functions positively affect not only the breathing process, but also the flow of energy. See for yourself: breathe in while simultaneously perceiving a pleasant smell in your surrounding environment (e.g. a flower, an essential oil or an incense stick).


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Try to slowly let in the stream of air and scent through both nostrils.


Open up the frontal region of your nose as much as possible so that more air can stream in. Imagine your nose as a hand that wraps itself around the air inside your nasal cavity in order to grasp it and guide it inwards. Breathe slowly and deeply while doing so. You shouldn’t be able to hear yourself breathing.


Focus on the gentle stream of air and feel how it touches this very opening between the inner and outer area of the nostrils.


Allow the air stream and scent to take their effect on you, and locate the spot in which the smell becomes perceptible.


Now continue breathing in this rhythm and direct the air stream into the highest part of the nasal cavity. Viewed externally, this area is situated between the eyebrows, where nose and forehead meet. Allow the air to travel very high up through the septum and direct it towards the upper part of the nasal cavity. Draw in the air as high up as possible and allow your senses to feel this.


Numerous parts of the central nervous system are located in the upper part of the nose, which the ancient yogis deemed to be part of the “ajna” or ‘third’ (spiritual, inner) eye. It is therefore a very sensitive area, where the air mingles with the smells within very delicate spaces and stimulates the pituitary gland.


The aim is to activate this zone in the upper region of the nasal cavity before the inhaled air travels down towards the abdomen and fills the lungs.


To this end, fill your lungs with air slowly, without any force or pressure. Hold your breath for two to three seconds and give your body time to absorb the prana, the ‘life-force’, from the fragrant air. Then exhale and let the air flow out in a slow and relaxed way.


Repeat this exercise several times. Learn to consciously feel and experience the above-named areas of the nose, both externally (nostrils) and internally (highest part of the nasal cavity). Maintain focus while doing so and concentrate on these areas throughout the entire breathing process.


Enjoy the moment and feel the sensations throughout your entire body!


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