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Natural WellbeingNatural Wellbeing
Natural Wellbeing

Natural Wellbeing

YOGI TEA® Natural Wellbeing invigorates the senses with fruity essential mandarin oil. In combination with tangy sea buckthorn and slightly tart hibiscus, it makes us feel ready to tackle whatever everyday life has in store for us.

"A tea with fruity elegance."

Hibiscus*, Liquorice*, Beetroot*, Ginger*, Peppermint*, Sea buckthorn*, Spearmint*, Mandarin oil*, Orange oil*, Turmeric root*, White hibiscus*, Lemon oil*, Cinnamon*, Black pepper*, Ginger oil*, Cardamom*, Cloves*

* Certified organic

mandarin oil

Mandarin oil

The fragrance of mandarin reminds many people of their childhood and the associated sense of security. This aromatic oil is extracted from the peel of the sweet, slightly tart mandarin, a citrus fruit. It is presumed that mandarins originated in Asia; today, this fruit is also cultivated in large quantities in Southern Europe.


Hibiscus, which is sometimes given other names such as the rose mallow, originally came from the tropics. In addition to its beauty, it is now also valued for its pleasantly fruity, sweet-sourish tasting flowers. Thanks to its conspicuously large flowers, it can now be found in many European gardens.

sea buckthorn

This versatile, shrub-like plant with its golden orange fruits is also known as the “lemon of the North”. It is regarded as incredibly hardy and has therefore become widespread throughout Europe, even though it originated in the Himalayas. Sea buckthorn berries are fruity and tart. They are seen as a wonderful accompaniment, especially in the colder months.


To this today, it is still not clear where the lemon - a member of the citrus family - actually came from. It is presumed that its origins were in northern India. But due to its refreshing-sour taste, it has already been spread around the world for thousands of years.

A simple yoga exercise for the immune system

Clasp your hands together on top of your head while sitting on your heels. Rotate your upper body in a circular motion from the waist to the left and right. Continue for three minutes. Please ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you.

100°C 250ml
5 min

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