The perfect refreshment for your wellbeing

Touches the mind and refreshes the body 


Experience uniquely delicious cold teas:

freshly brewed tea,100% organic* with 30% less sugar than comparable products

*agricultural ingredients

If it isn't organic,

we don't bottle it!

Less is more!

Our delicious cold tea consists of 3 components only:


Ayurvedic YOGI TEA blend + lemon juice + touch of agave syrup

A very special cold tea experience comes to life: 


  •  All ingredients are of 100% organic certification
  • All varieties have functional benefits according to their ayurvedic recipes
  • We do not use any flavors, preservatives, colorants or any other artificial ingredients
  • Our cold tea has 30% less sugar than comparable products
  •  All products are vegan, gluten-free and non-sparkling 
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