Medadumbara Education Project

Medadumbara is an area located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Medadumbara Organic Minor Export Crop Producers Society, the local farming cooperative, was originally formed in the Year 2001. Most of the farmers in this society are fairly needy small farmers whom own less than one acre plots of home gardens.

Medadumbara is situated primarily in the central mountainous terrain in Sri Lanka and the government schools are located somewhat far from this area and the farming families sometimes find it difficult to cover the expenses of having their children go to school.

The traders company EOAS ORGANICS PVT LTD. started a scholarship scheme to support these needy children to fulfill a long felt social responsibility. The families are very fortunate that from this year on YOGI TEA® has volunteered to sponsor this scholarship scheme. Starting from this year, 15 children have been selected and were provided with funds. The money was used for school uniforms, books, shoes, etc. In addition to this an adequate amount of money is deposited in their savings account to be used during their secondary education.  For the next 13 years 15 more children will be added annually into this scholarship scheme.