Get through autumn with ease – our ideas for how to keep dancing through the golden leaves.

Here it is, the lovely autumn. This wonderful time of year with its golden light and rich colours. The time to rest. The time to get cosy and prepare for the coming winter months of retreat.

Autumn is a good time to consciously experience and acknowledge the many changes in our environment, and in ourselves.


Some people find this time of change quite challenging both physically and mentally, particularly once the clocks change… but if you follow some of our recommendations for combatting autumn fatigue, you can keep tripping the light fantastic through the golden leaves.




Learn how to find calm

In contrast to the active months of the summer, what matters now is finding time to rest again. Nature is retreating in on itself and this is also a valuable time for us to focus on ourselves. So get cosy and take more time for yourself. Try meditating, do some yoga, and discover what makes you feel good.

Our tip for a precious moment of calm: the Prayer Position



Adapt to the rhythm of nature

The days are now getting shorter and the nights are longer. Adapt to this rhythm of nature and listen to your body. It knows what is good for you. You can take pleasure in preparing delicious meals with seasonal ingredients, and enjoy them mindfully .


A little suggestion for a yummy warming soup: Sweet Chili Corn Soup




The temperatures drop and the leaves on the trees slowly change colour. The best time for a comfortable and warming cup of tea. Warm drinks are recommended in autumn because they give us additional strength and calm. The warmth can restore your natural balance.


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Going outside

Often there is not enough light at this time of year, so we start to feel lethargic. So you should make sure you spend time in nature, walking or playing sports in the fresh air, and use this time really experience the change happening around you.



Listen to music

Music evokes positive emotions for us because the right music can warm heart and soul. So put on your favourite music more often and enjoy the beautiful moments it reminds you of. Music has  a way of touching us deeply and giving motivation, and it is quite easy to integrate into most everyday situations.



Colours for the soul

The shining yellow or the bright orange of autumn can influence our mood very positively.  The beautiful autumn red can have a reviving effect and warm our soul. Find your own autumn, for example with a colourful bunch of flowers, a soft cushion in lovely warm colours, or bring some bright coloured fruit home.






Do you have any more ideas for a beautiful autumn? Then we are looking forward to you sharing them with us!


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