Lækker gulerodskage med ingefær og citron

Vidste du, at du kan bruge Yogi Tea Ginger Lemon som ingrediens i en lækker og saftig gulerodskage? Vi har lavet en opskrift, som vi synes, at du skal prøve….opskriften er nem, den er vegansk og samtidig er den sund. Læs mere
19. May 2020 Generelt • Opskrifter

Nadi Shodhana: alternate nostril breathing

Due to its function and vital importance, breathing has always been given particular emphasis in yoga. As a result, many breathing techniques have been developed. Here we present alternate nostril breathing. Læs mere
12. May 2020 Feel good • Generelt

The Vegan Kanelbullar with Apple Recipe

Do you fancy a kanebullar or Danish roll as you might know it? Here you will find a vegan kanelbullar recipe using a delicious date and apple filling as an alternative to the classic ground cinnamon and sugar commonly used in classic kanelbullars. The secret ingredient for the filling? Our YOGI TEA® Classic. Læs mere
22. April 2020 Generelt • Opskrifter

Breathing at home means breathing life

Practising yoga leads to a new relationship with your body, mind and spirit. It helps you get to know, and find your way back to, yourself. But this is a process, and fundamental to this process is...breathing. Læs mere
09. April 2020 Feel good • Generelt

Animal-inspired yoga poses

What have dogs, cows and cats got to do with yoga? We introduce you to common animal-inspired yoga poses and explain their effects on your body and mind. Læs mere
18. March 2020 Feel good • Generelt

Rice pudding with spiced YOGI TEA® Ginger Orange with Vanilla sauce

A delicious, healthy and vegan rice pudding recipe. Made with oranges, almond drink but most importantly our YOGI TEA® Ginger Orange with Vanilla blend! Læs mere
10. February 2020 Generelt • Opskrifter

The power of gratitude

Are you able to look back with gratitude? We want to introduce you to a new attitude: being grateful for the little things in life. Download our gratitude templates! Læs mere
13. January 2020 Feel good • Generelt

Festive YOGI TEA® DIY Advent Calendar!

Our DIY YOGI TEA® calendar is one that you can make yourself! Typically advent calendar’s are made with chocolate but our one is made with our very own YOGI TEA®! Læs mere
26. November 2019 Generelt

The power of kindness

Kindness is a powerful tool. Imagine what would happen if small gestures of pure and simple kindness sparked a chain reaction... Læs mere
12. November 2019 Feel good • Generelt
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