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YOGI TEA® – now without cellophane wrapping

Over the next few weeks, you may be seeing YOGI TEA® packaging with and without cellophane wrapping on shelf. This is because we have converted our machines to a technology that allows us to eliminate the cellophane wrapping. The cellophane-free products will be successively introduced to retail. The changeover is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The quality of the products is not affected and will maintain the high standards for which they are known.

We ❤️‍ YOGA

Discover our range of physical and breathing yoga exercises which promote well-being and inner balance and download our free brochure.

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Ingredients Glossary

This lexicon of all our ingredients will let you learn more about the soothing and delicious herbs and spices that YOGI TEA® uses for its ayurvedic tea blends.

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Feel Good

Our delicious teas leave you feeling good.

Be Good

Our quality standards and sustainability practices.

Do Good

Our efforts to do good in the world.