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When it's hot and humid, you know how important it is to drink a lot. If you would like a cool beverage and still don't want to miss out on the unique taste of YOGI TEA®, you will love YOGI TEA® On Ice. Discover all of the new recipe ideas on our blog.

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Our Story

The story of YOGI TEA had its beginning in the 1960s. Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini-Yoga, started sharing his knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and the use of herbs and spices with the Western world. After every yoga hour, he served his students a very special tea...

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We ❤️‍ YOGA

Enliven your days with the benefits of yoga. Discover physical and breathing poses to complement your mood, calm your mind and achieve balance in your body.

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Feel Good

Our delicious teas leave you feeling good.

Be Good

Our quality standards and sustainability practices.

Do Good

Our efforts to do good in the world.