Choco Iced Tea – Pure Pleasure

13. August 2015

It’s the truth – ice cream is one of the most typical, delicious and delightful aspects of summer!

In the fourth recipe from our YOGI TEA® ON ICE series, we’ll show you the perfect way to combine ice cream and YOGI TEA® Choco. Look forward to a sweet, spicy, refreshing and irresistible treat!

250 ml YOGI TEA® Choco
150 ml chocolate drink
Vanilla ice creamYT_fp_Post_YTOI_CHOC_400x290

Make yourself a cup of YOGI TEA® Choco. Pour 250 ml of boiling hot water on the tea bag and let it steep for 7 minutes. Once cooled, put the tea in the fridge. When it’s icy cold, mix it with a chocolate drink and add 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

You’ll want to taste it right away!

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Serve your spirit!

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