Energy Balls med YOGI TEA® Green Energy

Sugen på ett veganskt snack? Prova energibollar med YOGI TEA®Green Energy! Läs mer
05. February 2019 Feel good • Recept

Your New Year's Resolutions

We have been asking you to tell us your New Year’s resolutions on our Instagram Stories. And your responses were the greatest inspiration to us! Läs mer
16. January 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Christmas time is time for … time!

It’s Christmas time! A really valuable time of year that is however often full of huge stress. Why don’t we simply give the gift of more time this year? To ourselves and our loved ones. Läs mer
11. December 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Good night! Our tips for a better sleep

The purpose of sleep is to allow the body and the mind to rest, recuperate, and regenerate. But… do you always feel rested and refreshed when you wake up? Here we would like to present to you our yogic suggestions for a better good night's sleep. Läs mer
27. November 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Get through autumn with ease – our ideas for how to keep dancing through the golden leaves.

Some people find autumn quite challenging both physically and mentally but if you follow some of our recommendations for combatting autumn fatigue, you can keep tripping the light fantastic through the golden leaves. Läs mer
15. October 2018 Allmän • Feel good

September is here… how to enjoy being back to work

Just thinking about sitting in front of a screen all day, you feel the lovely relaxation of a well-earned holiday dissolve? Here are a few thoughts and ideas to counter the back to work blues, and start off the new work year with a positive attitude. Läs mer
05. September 2018 Allmän • Feel good

The 10 terms that every yoga enthusiast should know

Prana? Chakra? Asana? – What does that mean and what does it have to do with my yoga practice? If you also ask this question, we have a little help for you. Läs mer
22. January 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Ta dig tid för DIG själv och delta i vår #7minuteschallenge

Oändliga att-göra-listor, helt inrutade dagar och ... på tok för lite tid att ägna oss åt oss själva. Ändra på det genom att delta i vår #7minutechallenge! Läs mer
26. September 2017 Allmän • Feel good

Simple ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life

Have you ever had the feeling of being stressed, distracted and drained in the middle of the day? Then mindfulness exercises may help you. Läs mer
13. September 2017 Allmän • Feel good

7 viktiga saker du bör göra för dig själv

Idag lever vi i en tid där våra liv endast tycks bestå av arbete. Våra tips kan hjälpa dig att bryta dig loss från den onda cirkeln och åter hitta balansen i en stressig vardag. Läs mer
22. May 2017 Allmän • Feel good
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