One plant, three tea varieties: all about white, green and black tea

White, green or black? What is the difference? We often receive this question and we are pleased to explain the difference between the various types of tea. Läs mer
28. May 2018 Allmän

Till dig med kärlek, ett Yogi te kartongsomslag

Skriv ut och måla omslaget / Slå in ditt favorit te / Skriv ett personligt meddelande på baksidan / Ge det med kärlek till någon speciell ♥ Läs mer
03. May 2018 Allmän

To good friendship - with the Matcha “No Cheese” Cake

This vegan recipe for a super scrumptious cake using YOGI TEA® Green Tea Matcha Lemon will make every teatime with your favourite people into a real feast. Läs mer
11. April 2018 Allmän • Recept

Spring cleaning... without stress!

As soon as the first rays of sunshine announce the warmer season, the time has come for spring cleaning. With our tips and tricks, your spring cleaning will be entirely stress-free! Läs mer
27. March 2018 Allmän

Pink Detox Smoothie to Start Spring in a Special Way

We love spring! Today we present a smoothie that contains YOGI TEA® Detox Dandelion as a special ingredient. Läs mer
07. March 2018 Allmän

Question time with Sat Hari: What do the tea words of wisdom actually mean?

It is always a great reward for us to see how the YOGI TEA sayings touch your hearts and allow you to reflect. But sometimes we get questions about the meanings of the sayings. Five sayings are explained more precisely here. Läs mer
20. February 2018 Allmän

The 10 terms that every yoga enthusiast should know

Prana? Chakra? Asana? – What does that mean and what does it have to do with my yoga practice? If you also ask this question, we have a little help for you. Läs mer
22. January 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Golden Milk: The Power of Turmeric in a Cup

Turmeric plays the leading role in the preparation of a very popular Ayurvedic beverage that has long been greatly appreciated by yogis and yoginis for its properties: Golden Milk. Here are our two variations for preparing Golden Milk. Läs mer
08. January 2018 Allmän • Recept

YOGI TEA®’s Delicious Fruity Orange-Vanilla Gingerbread (Vegan)

Christmas time=gingerbread time! It offers many possibilities for decorating, has a great taste and it contains the typical Christmas spices! We have added a special touch to the classic gingerbread recipe for this year with YOGI TEA® GINGER ORANGE with Vanilla and grated orange peel. Läs mer
12. December 2017 Allmän • Recept

Gifts: Upcycling for Little Works of Art

Our motto for this Christmas is “upcycling"! Here are our creative and yogic-inspiring upcycling ideas. Läs mer
06. December 2017 Allmän
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