Breathing at home means breathing life

Practising yoga leads to a new relationship with your body, mind and spirit. It helps you get to know, and find your way back to, yourself. But this is a process, and fundamental to this process is...breathing. Läs mer
09. April 2020 Allmän • Feel good

Animal-inspired yoga poses

What have dogs, cows and cats got to do with yoga? We introduce you to common animal-inspired yoga poses and explain their effects on your body and mind. Läs mer
27. February 2020 Allmän • Feel good

Sun Salutation – everything you need to know

We want to introduce you to an especially popular yoga sequence that gives you energy like a bright, sunny day: the Sun Salutation. Together, let us greet the sun. Läs mer
04. February 2020 Allmän • Feel good

The power of gratitude

Are you able to look back with gratitude? We want to introduce you to a new attitude: being grateful for the little things in life. Download our gratitude templates! Läs mer
13. January 2020 Allmän • Feel good

The power of kindness

Kindness is a powerful tool. Imagine what would happen if small gestures of pure and simple kindness sparked a chain reaction... Läs mer
12. November 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Morning routine – our tips for a successful start to the day

How do you normally start your day? If you’re one of those people who lie in bed until the last second before doing everything in a rush, then you might need of a morning routine. Here are our yogic tips for starting your day with the right spirit. Läs mer
10. September 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Beach Meditation

There are many good opportunities to use pleasure as a route to greater awareness and to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness exercises: on the beach, at the pool or in the mountains, under the sun or in the shade with a cool afternoon breeze Läs mer
16. July 2019 Allmän • Feel good

7 viktiga saker du bör göra för dig själv

Idag lever vi i en tid där våra liv endast tycks bestå av arbete. Våra tips kan hjälpa dig att bryta dig loss från den onda cirkeln och åter hitta balansen i en stressig vardag. Läs mer
24. June 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Meditation for the nose...and the senses!

We breathe and smell with our nose. Its functions positively affect not only the breathing process, but also the flow of energy. Discover our meditation for the nose... Läs mer
23. April 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Spring... with all the senses

The days are getting longer again, the air is getting warmer – Spring has sprung! Let all your senses discover the magic of this time of year, when everything is new, bright and beautiful! Läs mer
26. March 2019 Allmän • Feel good
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