Fruktig hallonsorbet med YOGI TEA® Women’s Balance

Prova denna hälsosamma och fräscha sorbet med YOGI TEA® Womens Balance. Receptet är veganskt. Läs mer
11. June 2019 Allmän • Recept

Time for another Q&A with Sat Hari – what do the teas’ words of wisdom actually mean?

The wonderful words of wisdom from our company’s founder, Yogi Bhajan, are a true source of inspiration. Sometimes they provide clarity. Yet they can also raise questions. This is the moment when we receive questions from you concerning their meaning. Läs mer
28. May 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Aloe Vera & kokosmocktail med gurka

Alkoholfri, vegansk, färsk, vad är mocktail, basilika, gurkmeja, vitt te. Läs mer
14. May 2019 Allmän • Recept • YOGI TEA® on Ice

Meditation for the nose...and the senses!

We breathe and smell with our nose. Its functions positively affect not only the breathing process, but also the flow of energy. Discover our meditation for the nose... Läs mer
23. April 2019 Allmän • Feel good

En grön vårbowl med YOGI TEA® Heartwarming

Får vi bjuda på ett lättlagat, vegansk recept på en vårig bowl? YOGI TEA® Heartwarming te med sina spännande ingredienser lyfter denna bowl till nya höjder. Läs mer
09. April 2019 Allmän • Recept

Spring... with all the senses

The days are getting longer again, the air is getting warmer – Spring has sprung! Let all your senses discover the magic of this time of year, when everything is new, bright and beautiful! Läs mer
26. March 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Green pasta salad with chick peas and YOGI TEA® Alkaline Herbs

Green pasta salad is the perfect meal for a sunny, spring afternoon. This is a really refreshing and healthy meal that you can quickly prepare. Läs mer
12. March 2019 Allmän • Recept

Colouring inspiration – download our Mandala template!

Colouring is wonderfully relaxing. We invite you to download and colour our exclusive YOGI TEA® Mandala template. Läs mer
25. February 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Energy Balls med YOGI TEA® Green Energy

Sugen på ett veganskt snack? Prova energibollar med YOGI TEA®Green Energy! Läs mer
05. February 2019 Feel good • Recept

Your New Year's Resolutions

We have been asking you to tell us your New Year’s resolutions on our Instagram Stories. And your responses were the greatest inspiration to us! Läs mer
16. January 2019 Allmän • Feel good
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