Energy Balls med YOGI TEA® Green Energy

Sugen på ett veganskt snack? Prova energibollar med YOGI TEA®Green Energy! Läs mer
05. February 2019 Feel good • Recept

Your New Year's Resolutions

We have been asking you to tell us your New Year’s resolutions on our Instagram Stories. And your responses were the greatest inspiration to us! Läs mer
16. January 2019 Allmän • Feel good

Christmas time is time for … time!

It’s Christmas time! A really valuable time of year that is however often full of huge stress. Why don’t we simply give the gift of more time this year? To ourselves and our loved ones. Läs mer
11. December 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Good night! Our tips for a better sleep

The purpose of sleep is to allow the body and the mind to rest, recuperate, and regenerate. But… do you always feel rested and refreshed when you wake up? Here we would like to present to you our yogic suggestions for a better good night's sleep. Läs mer
27. November 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Get through autumn with ease – our ideas for how to keep dancing through the golden leaves.

Some people find autumn quite challenging both physically and mentally but if you follow some of our recommendations for combatting autumn fatigue, you can keep tripping the light fantastic through the golden leaves. Läs mer
15. October 2018 Allmän • Feel good

September is here… how to enjoy being back to work

Just thinking about sitting in front of a screen all day, you feel the lovely relaxation of a well-earned holiday dissolve? Here are a few thoughts and ideas to counter the back to work blues, and start off the new work year with a positive attitude. Läs mer
05. September 2018 Allmän • Feel good

Fresh into summer – with the YOGI TEA® Ice Pops.

What would summer be without Ice Pops!     Home-made Ice Pops are the Läs mer
09. July 2018 Allmän • Recept

One plant, three tea varieties: all about white, green and black tea

White, green or black? What is the difference? We often receive this question and we are pleased to explain the difference between the various types of tea. Läs mer
28. May 2018 Allmän

Till dig med kärlek, ett Yogi te kartongsomslag

Skriv ut och måla omslaget / Slå in ditt favorit te / Skriv ett personligt meddelande på baksidan / Ge det med kärlek till någon speciell ♥ Läs mer
03. May 2018 Allmän

To good friendship - with the Matcha “No Cheese” Cake

This vegan recipe for a super scrumptious cake using YOGI TEA® Green Tea Matcha Lemon will make every teatime with your favourite people into a real feast. Läs mer
11. April 2018 Allmän • Recept
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