Fresh into summer – with the YOGI TEA® Ice Pops.

09. July 2018

What would summer be without Ice Pops!    Ice Pops Yogi Tea

Home-made Ice Pops are the perfect invention for anyone who wants a sweet and yet healthy and really light refreshment. You can choose the ingredients yourself and select them carefully. This makes sure that they don’t contain any unnecessary sugar and colourants. Not only that, but home-made Ice Pops are an environmentally friendly and sustainable idea: no packaging means no waste!

All you need is ice pop molds – a purchase that will certainly be a good investment – or simply a few empty yoghurt pots (upcycling is the name of the game!), and some imagination!

Naturally, we take inspiration for this recipe from our YOGI TEA®.

For these delicious Ice Pops, Ilka Elise B has chosen two special tea varieties: Positive Energy Cranberry Hibiscus and Heartwarming.

Ice Pops Yogi TeaIngredients for 8 Ice Pops:

Prepare the teas according to the instructions on the packet. For a stronger taste, we recommend allowing the tea to infuse for longer.

Allow the teas to cool completely.

Cut the fruit into thin slices and add to the ice pop molds. Pour tea over it and put into the freezer overnight.

Ice Pops are ready!

Alternatively, you could put the fruit in the blender with the tea and make delicious Smoothie Ice Pops!
Ice Pops Yogi Tea
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