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YOGI TEA® sets the sails – and simultaneously sets an example for the responsible transport of goods: In cooperation with Timbercoast, we now are transporting a certain amount of cardamom by cargo sailing ship, driven by pure wind power.

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Where there is a will, there is also a way – in our case, it measures 6,500 nautical miles – from the coast of Honduras to the Hamburg warehouse district. In March 2018, we sent the cardamom for our Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas on this journey for the first time: on board the two-mast sailing ship AVONTUUR.

As pioneers for Ayurvedic herbal and spice tea, we have already obtained our ingredients since the 1980s exclusively from certified organic cultivation. In order to protect our planet in its beauty, fertility and liveliness, our heartfelt wish is natural and sustainable cultivation methods for growing our ingredients. The transport from the globe’s remotest corners occasionally contradicts the idea of a sustainable product and leaves an ecological footprint that should not be underestimated. Just like more and more consumers, we would love to further minimise this footprint.

With the AVONTUUR Project, YOGI TEA® is now shipping a certain amount of one of the ingredients that is most frequently used in the teas by wind power. This allows us to create the connection between sustainable production and responsible enjoyment.

YOGI TEA® is leading the race – we hope many may follow us.

The first crossing in March 2018 is designed as a pilot project. If it is successful, we intend to continuously expand it. At the same time, we would like to use the accompanying attention to highlight the fundamental importance of climate-friendly transport.

We hope that our project will contribute to also prompting other companies to think about this topic. We are aware that as a small company of the organic sector, we can only make a limited contribution, but we hope that we can create attention to this important topic together with Timbercoast.

Timbercoast – Naturally across the ocean.

In order to create a climate-friendly alternative and revitalise transport by cargo sailing ship, the Timbercoast Initiative acquired the two-master AVONTUUR in 2014. The word AVONTUUR is Dutch and means adventure – and this sailing ship has already had quite a few adventures! Built in the Netherlands in 1920 to serve purely as a cargo sailing ship, it later operated as a passenger ship for one-day tourist trips along the Dutch coast and between the West Frisian Islands.


Then Cornelius Bockermann, founder of Timbercoast and AVONTUUR captain, purchased and elaborately renovated it so that it can once again fulfil its old purpose – the transport of freight. The gaff-rigged schooner now sails solely with wind power across the world’s oceans. On board: in addition to the regular crew and a volunteer crew, tons of pure organically produced goods that are shipped in a clean manner (without ship emissions) using wind power from North America and the Caribbean to Europe. “We are pleased to have YOGI TEA® on board as the first company of the tea industry,” says Cornelius Bockermann. “Most people don’t even know that freight transport with a sailing boat works. We show them how it’s done and see ourselves as ambassadors.”

If the winds are favourable, the AVONTUUR will hopefully arrive punctually for the 829th harbour anniversary close to our headquarters in Hamburg – with organically cultivated and climate-friendly cardamom transported for YOGI TEA®.



Follow the passage in real time

With a click on the map, you can follow the current location of the YOGI TEA® freight on the world’s oceans.


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Learn more about our trip and the arrival in the Port of Hamburg

In May 2018, the AVONTUUR will come into port in Hamburg. Until then, you will find exciting reports, interviews – and obviously all pictures of the arrival and unloading of the goods at the Port of Hamburg – on a regular basis.

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Source of pictures: Timbercoast – Cargo under Sail and Paul Bentzen.