The senna plant has traditionally been valued for its laxative effect. Blended with anise, caraway and refreshing mint, senna supports our metabolism. In combination with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, YOGI® promotes well-being.
senna leaf, peppermint*, coriander*, cardamom*, spearmint*, anise*, caraway, ginger*, liquorice*, fennel*, black pepper*
√ gluten free √ vegan √ lactose free

Recommended consumption: 1 to 2 cups per day. Most suitable consumption in the evening after dinner. Do not consume this tea during pregnancy, lactation, menstruation or in any case of unexplained gastro-intestinal diseases. Not recommended for children under 12 years. Do not consume this tea longer than two weeks without medical consultation.

* Certified organic

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senna leaf


The Alexandrian Senna grows best in the warm, dry climates of North Africa and Arabia. In these countries, Senna is used as a Medicinal Plant since the 8th century. By now its laxative effect has even been proven scientifically.


First discovered in 1696 and presumably created through the coincidental hybridisation of the water mint and wild mint, peppermint is now one of the most familiar plants in the world. Peppermint is extremely popular throughout the world due to its refreshing aroma. It has a mild, pleasant pungency.


In the Middle East and Asia, the slightly sweetish tasting coriander is used in almost every dish, presumably due to its splendid aroma that is reminiscent of a spicy-savoury mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange.


Cardamom has been one of the most popular spices for thousands of years throughout the entire Asian and Arabian area. Its subtle, sweetish-spicy aroma predestines cardamom for use in many different foods ranging from sharp curries to spicy Christmas biscuits.


Spearmint is one of the best-known types of mint. It would be hard to imagine the kitchens and gardens of this world without it. The plant belongs to the mint family and grows up to half a metre in height. Its taste is refreshing and highly aromatic.


This annual plant thrives in Asia and the southeastern part of the Mediterranean. People have revered its sweetish tasting fruit for thousands of years. In earlier times, anise was sacrificed to the gods. Now it is found in cakes and Christmas biscuits, as well as a delicious spice in many YOGI TEA®s.

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Brewing Suggestions

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes or longer for a stronger flavour.

  • 250 ml 100°C
  • 5 Min
  • Enjoy