Green Tea Lemongrass

Does happiness always have to be enormous? Let’s try to be happy in small sips: with a wonderful mixture of energising green tea, invigorating lemongrass and refreshing basil. Pausing briefly, sip by sip, and turning to what’s inside us. That’s happiness too.
lemon grass*, green tea*, liquorice*, basil*, hops*, cardamom*, lemon balm*, lemon oil*
√ gluten free √ vegan √ lactose free

Contains liquorice – people su ering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

* Certified organic

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green tea

Green tea

Sencha, one of the types of green tea that we use, is also called the "royal variety of green tea." It unites the most positive traits of the green tea plant and has a fresh, distinctive taste.
lemon grass

Lemon grass

Lemon grass contains essential oils and has a strong, lemony-fresh taste. The origins of this plant from the family of grasses that is primarily used in the Asian kitchen are still unclear to this day.


This "royal plant", as the Ancient Greeks called basil, came to northern Europe in the 12th century. It has a wonderfully spicy aroma, which is ideally featured in both Mediterranean cuisine and freshly brewed tea.


Dandelion is among the best-known and most widespread wild plants. It thrives almost anywhere that allows it to sprout its bright yellow composite in the direction of the sky. Its leaves taste extremely aromatic: Subtly tart and slightly bitter, they are excellently suited for salads and smoothies. They are obviously also appropriate for delicious teas.


Hops is a climbing plant that grows up to 10 m in height . In the wild, it primarily grows at the edge of forests, in clearings and on bushes. Its greenish-yellow cones are ready to be harvested at the end of August. They taste slightly bitter and subtly tart.
lemon balm

Lemon balm

Bees love its nectar-rich fruit, and human beings appreciate the spicy-fresh, lemony taste of its leaves. In the Middle Ages, lemon balm was so highly valued that it had to be cultivated in every European monastery garden per decree.

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Green Tea Lemongrass

Brewing Suggestions

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 7 minutes or longer for a stronger flavour.

  • 250 ml 100°C
  • 5 Min
  • Enjoy