The LiBerature Prize

The LiBerature Prize was founded in 1987, with the aim of giving women from countries in the Global South a stronger voice. It is awarded every year within the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest and most important book fair in the world, to an author from Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Arabic regions. The audience prize is awarded by Litprom e.V., a charitable entity that supports literature from these regions.

YOGI TEA® is sponsoring the LiBerature Prize and the prize winner with the funding of a writing project of her choice for girls and/or young women in her home country, so that they can gain the prospect of a better future, whether that is through literacy courses for girls and women or through writing workshops for young female authors. YOGI TEA® thereby has the privilege of supporting the goal of the LiBerature Prize, to publicise and support literature by women from the Global South, which has until now been poorly under-represented.



The LiBerature Prize 2017 was awarded to the Iranian author Faribā Vafī and her novel “Tarlan”. With the support of the prize money, Faribā Vafī founded a long-term writing workshop for around 50 young women in Iran, enabling her to help them to build their confidence in their own writing and to find their own voice. We are pleased to be part of such a beautiful project.




In October 2018 in turn, another winner was celebrated at the Frankfurt Book Fair, who was the Vietnamese author Nguyễn Ngọc Tư with her volume of short stories, The Endless Field. We extend our warmest congratulations to her, and we are pleased that together with LitProm, we have been able to contribute to raising awareness for female authors from the Global South.



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