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Pure FreshnessPure Freshness
Pure Freshness

Pure Freshness

YOGI TEA® Pure Freshness inspires the senses with the essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. Carefully combined with spicy ginger and lemon grass, every sip is more refreshing than the last, keeping your tastebuds tingling.

"A tea like a pleasant sea breeze."

Spearmint*, Peppermint*, Ginger*, Anise*, Cinnamon*, Lime*, Black pepper*, Cardamom*, Lemon grass*, Fennel*, Cocoa shells*, Liquorice*, Peppermint oil*, Dried lemon juice*, Cloves*, Spearmint oil*, Ginger oil*

* Certified organic

peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

Essential peppermint oil is obtained from the leaves of the peppermint plant, one of the most familiar plants in the world. It is known for its refreshing, intense aroma with a pleasant, slightly spicy undertone.


Spearmint is one of the best-known types of mint. It would be hard to imagine the kitchens and gardens of this world without it. The plant belongs to the mint family and grows up to half a metre in height. Its taste is refreshing and highly aromatic.


First discovered in 1696 and presumably created through the coincidental hybridisation of the water mint and wild mint, peppermint is now one of the most familiar plants in the world. Peppermint is extremely popular throughout the world due to its refreshing aroma. It has a mild, pleasant pungency.


Whether in the Christmas biscuits, as a curry mixture or in lemonade: The bulbous ginger is among the best-known spice plants in the world. For thousands of years, it has been cultivated in the tropical heat of eastern Asia. It gives many of our YOGI TEA®s a fruity-hot and aromatically spicy taste.

Simple Yoga for Vitality

Lying on your back, kick alternately with your left and right heels against your buttocks, always keeping the alternate leg straight. Inhale as one heel kicks, exhale as the other kicks. Continue for 1-3 minutes.

100°C 250ml
5-7 min

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