Peacefull Moment Artboard

Take a deep breath and let your soul soar free.


This is what harmony feels like! YOGI TEA® Peaceful Moment with high-quality essential lavender oil, fresh lemon balm and rooibos invites you to rest and relax.

"Take a deep breath and let your soul soar free."

Rooibos*, Cinnamon*, Fennel*, Liquorice*, Lavender flowers*, Anise*, Chamomile flowers*, Peppermint*, Cardamom*, Lemon balm*, Cocoa shells*, Sage*, Carob*, Ginger*, Hops*, Black pepper*, Lavender oil*, Nutmeg*, Vanilla beans*

* Certified organic

Only our finest, natural
ingredients for your pleasure!
Brewing Suggestions
100°C 250ml
5-7 min
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