German Wildlife Foundation

Wild bees play an important role in preserving natural diversity. These little pollinators are responsible for bountiful fruit harvests and ensure the natural diversity of wild flowers. Yet wild bees have been endangered for years now, as they are losing precious habitats as the result of human interference in nature. In addition, some species are choosier in their choice of food than are honey bees, preferring the pollen of very specific flowering plants. Furthermore, wild bees need certain conditions when it comes to finding nesting sites.

In order to help preserve wild bees, YOGI TEA® is supporting the project set up by the German Wildlife Foundation for the protection of these important insects. The aim of the project is to create areas for wild flowers and nesting opportunities, as well as to make public spaces friendlier for wild bees. In the long term, the German Wildlife Foundation wants to help stop the alarming decline in wild-bee populations. And everyone can help do their part! On the website of the German Wildlife Foundation, you can find out what you can do to help protect and preserve wild bees.

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