Cool Berry Mint Smoothie

06. June 2017

When summer calls, YOGI TEA® on Ice answers!

How do the Ayurvedic YOGI TEA® teas turn into summer-fresh mixed drinks for the hot days? Quite simply: You just need a few natural ingredients and preparation steps!

The recipe that we are suggesting here is a smoothie on ice in which our YOGI TEA® Classic is transformed into an ice-chilled, creamy thirst-quencher with a mixture of berries.

serves 2 / 10 min preparation

1 handful of mixed berries
2 bananas
Juice of 1 lime
10 mint leaves
3 tsp. agave syrup or cane sugar
1 cup of YOGI TEA® Classic

First brew a cup of YOGI TEA® and let it cool off. Cut all of the ingredients into coarse pieces in advance, if necessary, and put in the high-performance blender with a half cup of tea.  For the desired consistency and taste, please add the rest of the tea and/or good water according to taste and mix for 10 seconds at medium speed (in a normal mixer only at the highest speed).

If you are a fan of smoothies and looking for more ideas, you will find a green smoothie and the link to more recipes here.

Enjoy the summer!