What comes to mind when you think about YOGI TEA®? Probably the tea tags with inspiring maxims and the emblematic teacup on every tea box, like our bestseller YOGI TEA® Classic.

We have wonderful news for all YOGI TEA® fans: For our 40th anniversary, we would like to grace yYTFB-Post_CBP_2000x1450px_UK_O09-aour teatime with a limited edition premium quality teacup. The very same teacup that you see on the boxes of YOGI TEA® Classic, to be precise.

The theme of the Classic Cup holds special meaning for YOGI TEA®: the magnificent temple “Harmandir Sahib” (Golden Temple) in the North Indian state Punjab. Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini yoga and inventor of the original recipe of YOGI TEA® Classic, devoted several years to Karma yoga at the Golden Temple. There he learned and taught much on healthy living and how to use selected herbs and spices – the source of inspiration for the recipe of our bestseller used to this day.

This limited gift set comes with two boxes of YOGI TEA® Classic and the timelessly elegant cup, and is available in wholefood and health food shops.

Topping that, a new limited edition cup is planned for next year, bearing another theme typical for YOGI TEA®. You can look forward to a further exclusive collector’s item, and a wonderful gift idea.

We hope you, your family and your friends enjoy it and we look forward to seeing great pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!