Heartwarming Raspberry Orange Smoothie

Are you looking for an healthy snack? We'd like to share with you a recipe for a delicious Raspberry Orange Smoothie that contains YOGI TEA® Heartwarming Tea. Read more
22. June 2018 General • Smoothies

Pink Detox Smoothie to Start Spring in a Special Way

We love spring! Today we present a smoothie that contains YOGI TEA® Detox as a special ingredient. Read more
07. March 2018 General • Smoothies

Ginger Lemon Smoothie

Our Ginger Lemon tea is one of the most beloved YOGI TEAs. We would like to share with you a very simple smoothie idea. Fresh. Healthy. Easy. Read more
22. June 2017 General • Smoothies

Cool Berry Mint Smoothie

When summer calls, YOGI TEA® on Ice answers! The recipe that we are suggesting here is a smoothie on ice in which our YOGI TEA® Classic is transformed into an ice-chilled, creamy thirst-quencher. Read more
06. June 2017 General • Smoothies • YOGI TEA® on Ice

Melon Cucumber Smoothie

A brand-new recipe for a Cucumber-Melon Smoothie with YOGI TEA Detox. Read more
24. March 2017 General • Smoothies

Apple Banana Smoothie

Here comes a new recipe for a smoothie with fresh fruit and YOGI TEA® Women's Balance. Read more
09. March 2017 General • Smoothies

Matcha Smoothie

Fruity-fresh, colourful and super delicious... Smoothies made of fruit and vegetables are the perfect thirst quencher for the start of the day or as a snack. Would you like to have a creamy-fruity refreshment with very special touch of YOGI TEA®? Read more
22. February 2017 General • Smoothies