Chai Latte: How well do you know it?

Chai Latte has become very trendy over the past few years. You can order a Chai Latte at almost every café around the corner and find it already prepared as a powder in the supermarket! Its spicy taste and the irresistible exotic aromas make it very popular and immediately put you in an Oriental-magical mood. We collected three facts about Chai Latte that you should know. Read more
23. February 2016 General

Women's Tea and Men's Tea?!?

Now and then we receive the question "why YOGI TEA® has created Women’s and Men’s Tea?". “It is just a marketing trick!” – This is what many people think. We forwarded the question to Sat Hari Singh and hope, his explanation can help Read more
26. January 2016 General

YOGI TEA® Choco Coco Delights

Because of the many inquiries that we received, we are introducing a new recipe for a delicious sweet dessert made from YOGI TEA® Choco– one of the most popular YOGI TEA® creations. Read more
15. January 2016 Recipes

Christmas Tea Punch

Here is an original recipe for a non-alcohol spicy punch with YOGI TEA® – the ideal beverage for the cold days that will sweeten your waiting time until Christmas. Read more
15. December 2015 Recipes

Christmas Tea to nibble on

A typical Advent Sunday: The fragrance of warm tea envelops the festively decorated home and Christmas music is heard throughout the rooms. This is the perfect moment for making Christmas biscuits with the children or friends. Read more
08. December 2015 General • Recipes

Breathe Deep Soup

We are preparing a green soup made from zucchini, peas and YOGI TEA® Breathe Deep – a pick-me-up for cold days that soothes your throat. Read more
19. November 2015 Recipes

New: YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea

With the new YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea, we let the time that you spend waiting for Christmas pass more quickly by putting you in the warm, magical and reflective mood of Advent. Read more
10. November 2015 General

Red Heartwarming Soup

Can you use YOGI TEA® in cooking? Sure! Our blog offers a variety of recipes from ayurvedic cuisine: light, healthy, original and delicious! Today, we present ... Read more
13. October 2015 General • Recipes

Classic + Classic = Cup

What comes to mind when you think about YOGI TEA®? Probably the tea tags with inspiring maxims and the emblematic teacup on every tea box, like our bestseller YOGI TEA® Classic. We have wonderful news for all YOGI TEA® fans... Read more
06. October 2015 General

Finest Selection – one box for discovering and enjoying the most beloved YOGI TEA® blends.

The new YOGI TEA® Finest Selection combines the nine most popular YOGI TEA® creations that could not be more different: whether it’s spicy, fruity, fresh or flowery. We are happy to tell you on our blog what you will find in the new Finest Selection box. Read more
09. September 2015 General
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