Enchanted by fragrance – the secrets of aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy all about? What exactly are essential oils and how are they extracted? Here we present you with the principles of aromatherapy and tell you how you can use natural fragrances for your mind and spirit. Read more
22. January 2020 Feel good • General

The power of gratitude

Are you able to look back with gratitude? We want to introduce you to a new attitude: being grateful for the little things in life. Download our gratitude templates! Read more
13. January 2020 Feel good • General

Healthy Roasted Apple - Warming Winter Sweet Treat!

This is a healthy roasted apple recipe served with almond butter filled with an enticing mixture of mixed nuts and raisins, however what makes this receipe stand out is our favourite ingredient: YOGI TEA® Immune Support Read more
02. December 2019 General • Recipes

Festive YOGI TEA® DIY Advent Calendar!

Our DIY YOGI TEA® calendar is one that you can make yourself! Typically advent calendar’s are made with chocolate but our one is made with our very own YOGI TEA®! Read more
26. November 2019 General

The power of kindness

Kindness is a powerful tool. Imagine what would happen if small gestures of pure and simple kindness sparked a chain reaction... Read more
12. November 2019 Feel good • General

Have you let yourself be enchanted yet? Your questions regarding YOGI TEA® For the Senses

2019 got off to a great start for us: we launched our new YOGI TEA® For the Senses! Alongside the many compliments, you have of course also sent us some questions about the new, inspiring creations... Read more
28. October 2019 General

Warm lentil salad with quick-marinated fennel flavoured with our Throat Comfort blend!

Here we have a light and flavoursome autumn lentil salad which is the perfect balance of comfort and freshness. Read more
07. October 2019 General • Recipes

Autumn roast vegetable bowl with aromatic YOGI TEA® Turmeric Chai flavoured rice

Autumn is here all around us. You can feel it, see it and also smell it! We have the perfect recipe to help you wind down as the winter draws in... Read more
25. September 2019 General • Recipes

Morning routine – our tips for a successful start to the day

How do you normally start your day? If you’re one of those people who lie in bed until the last second before doing everything in a rush, then you might need of a morning routine. Here are our yogic tips for starting your day with the right spirit. Read more
10. September 2019 Feel good • General

Green Balance Gazpacho with courgette & peas

Gazpacho is a spanish soup served chilled and typically eaten during the summer months. Our take on this refreshing dish is made with our YOGI TEA® Green Balance variant along with courgette, peas and fresh herbs Read more
27. August 2019 General • Recipes
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