Our transport routes by ship

Shipping our ingredients the climate-neutral way

The organic ingredients used in our delicious tea blends come from around the world in order to create unique and functional tea-drinking moments. We are aware of the CO2 emissions caused by the shipping of our ingredients. In our efforts to continuously minimise our ecological footprint, we are a proud partner of the GoodShipping Program, which allows us to ship our ingredients in a 100% climate-neutral way. We are the first company within Germany – and indeed the very first tea brand worldwide – to do so. The GoodShipping Program is committed to revolutionising the shipping industry: away from fossil fuels towards biofuels. This idea immediately convinced us.


The use of progressive biofuel

Working together with GoodShipping and based on the CO2 footprint of the ingredients shipped by us, we have calculated the quantity of biofuel required to avoid the emissions of our entire shipped-freight volume. In the process, conventional, environmentally damaging fuel is replaced with sustainable and progressive biofuel, 100% made from certified raw materials. These raw materials are designated as “waste” or “remnants” and do not contribute to the deforestation of the rainforest and aren’t linked to food production.

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels and co-founder of the GoodShipping Program, explains: “Until now, freight owners were only able to eliminate or substantially reduce the climate effects of shipping by choosing an energy-efficient freight carrier or by offsetting their CO2 footprint outside the shipping industry. The big difference to other sustainability initiatives is that the GoodShipping Program actually changes the ship fuel mix and thereby makes the reduction of CO2 emissions within the sector into reality.”


Overall reduction of our ecological footprint

We at YOGI TEA® wish to lead by example and, by participating in the GoodShipping Program, are investing in the sustainability of our company and the ocean freight-shipping industry in general.

And we of course send our precious goods from our plant in Italy to our finished-goods warehouse by train. In addition, we have recently created a dedicated warehouse in Italy to reduce our CO2 footprint for the logistics in some Southern European countries.

Additional information about the GoodShipping Program is available here: https://goodshipping.com/