Annual Sustainability Report

We want to honor and give a voice to the people who grow the ingredients that define our teas. Their spirit, passion, and knowledge inspires us every day. In this, our second Sustainability Report, we share their stories.


Sustainability can get lost in numbers, metrics, and jargon. But sustainability is also about people. It can be joyful, creative, and collaborative. In this report, we’re sharing stories from farm level, elevating the remarkable people and communities around the world that grow the ingredients that become YOGI TEA® and CHOICE teas. We want you to get to know these people and see their faces. They deserve to be celebrated and recognized, and we’re honored to give them a voice.


In these pages you’ll find sustainability stories from farms around the world, alongside updates from our operations. Sometimes we’re intimately involved, as planners, funders, or collaborators. In other instances, we just want to share the amazing work our suppliers are doing. All these efforts culminate in the tea you enjoy, and we hope learning a little bit more about them helps you feel connected to your favorite teas.


When you enjoy a YOGI TEA® or CHOICE tea, you become a part of these stories. Your support is what allows these projects to take place and bring us closer to a sustainable future. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy this report!


First Annual Sustainability Report (2021)




Sustainability Report 2022