Keep Yourself Warm with Ayurveda

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It’s the middle of winter! The temperatures go up and down, a brisk wind blows at times and snow falls at others. On especially cold days, it feels like you’re shivering from your head down to your feet. Does this sound familiar? Then give your everyday life a bit of spice and let yourself feel warmer!

Here at YOGI TEA®, we base our teas on Ayurvedic recipes made of selected, high-quality herbs and spices from verified organic farming.

The Ayurvedic wisdom teaching chooses herbs and spices on the basis of their doshas (vata, pita and kapha). You can find out what you need for your well-being by experiencing your body with all five senses. Do you feel more active or relaxed after consuming a certain herb? Does your body feel well-hydrated or dried out? Do you feel warmer or cooler than before? Dosha information about the individual plants, in combination with your own perception, helps you to find the beneficial ingredients for your well-being. If you don’t know about your Ayurvedic constitution yet, you can take our Dosha Test.ytfb_blog_spice-cups_2000x1450px_q01

If you have ever eaten Indian food, you may have noticed that Ayurvedic-oriented nutrition – in addition to enjoying the six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent/tart) – has a special focus on putting together foods and meals in harmony with the personal constitution to promote individual well-being. As in Indian cuisine with its artful recipes, these herbs and spices are also included in the YOGI TEA® recipes that have been composed by our experts.

Examples of warming culinary spices are cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, as well as the obvious ones like chili and pepper. People who practice Ayurveda are convinced that these spices can promote the natural energy flow in the body, which is called qi or prana – the flow of the life forces. Black pepper, one of the most widely consumed culinary spices, is not only valued for its taste throughout the world due to its fruity pungency but also because this spiciness can be warming. Did you know that black pepper was even weighed with gold in earlier times?

Other pungent-tasting ingredients such as ginger will also give you a sense of pleasant warmth. A hot cup of Ginger Tea is a warming treat for your body and palate.

Additional warming Ayurvedic herbs are fennel, anise, cumin and basil, and obviously also chili.

This allows you to enjoy the winter!