Matcha Smoothie

Fruity-fresh, colourful and super delicious... Smoothies made of fruit and vegetables are the perfect thirst quencher for the start of the day or as a snack. Would you like to have a creamy-fruity refreshment with very special touch of YOGI TEA®? Read more
22. February 2017 General • Recipes

It's Christmas Cookies Time!

When the first little lights shine in the streets and the houses are festively decorated, you suddenly feel a stronger desire to bake christmas cookies... Read more
12. December 2016 General • Recipes

Throat Comfort Sweet Bread

We are pleased to introduce a new recipe by (and with) YOGI TEA®. Read more
17. November 2016 Recipes

Classic Eggplant

Would you like something delicious, healthy, creative and vegetarian? This recipe is just the right thing! Classic Eggplant (Takes 15 minutes | makes 4 portions) Read more
10. October 2016 Recipes

This is what spring tastes like

Together with this lovely season, we also feel more desire for fresh, light and colourful salad creations. We would like to give you two Ayurvedic recipes for two delicious, healthy and natural dressings - obviously with… YOGI TEA®. Read more
05. April 2016 Recipes

Golden Milk: A Healthful Tonic for More Flexibility, Vitality and Beauty

Turmeric or curcuma is the root of a plant from the ginger family, which mainly grows in India. It has been valued for thousands of years by yogis and Ayurvedic scholars as a beneficial food and used in the kitchen as an ingredient for daily meals. Turmeric is what gives Indian curry its characteristic yellow colour Read more
09. February 2016 Recipes

YOGI TEA® Choco Coco Delights

Because of the many inquiries that we received, we are introducing a new recipe for a delicious sweet dessert made from YOGI TEA® Choco– one of the most popular YOGI TEA® creations. Read more
15. January 2016 Recipes

Christmas Tea Punch

Here is an original recipe for a non-alcohol spicy punch with YOGI TEA® – the ideal beverage for the cold days that will sweeten your waiting time until Christmas. Read more
15. December 2015 Recipes

Christmas Tea to nibble on

A typical Advent Sunday: The fragrance of warm tea envelops the festively decorated home and Christmas music is heard throughout the rooms. This is the perfect moment for making Christmas biscuits with the children or friends. Read more
08. December 2015 Recipes

Breathe Deep Soup

We are preparing a green soup made from zucchini, peas and YOGI TEA® Breathe Deep – a pick-me-up for cold days that soothes your throat. Read more
19. November 2015 Recipes
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