7 important things to do for yourself

Nowadays it happens very often that our jobs have become our life. We’d like to give you some suggestion to break the circle and find balance in a stressful routine. Read more
10. May 2016 General

Breathwalk - A revitalising form of meditation while walking

In order for you to enjoy the beneficial effect of your breathing, here is a practical suggestion: Combine breathing with another activity that is just as natural – walking! Once you start doing both activities in a conscious and synchronous way, this will have a positive effect on your health. Read more
26. April 2016 General

This is what spring tastes like

Together with this lovely season, we also feel more desire for fresh, light and colourful salad creations. We would like to give you two Ayurvedic recipes for two delicious, healthy and natural dressings - obviously with… YOGI TEA®. Read more
05. April 2016 Recipes

The Edible Forests of Madagascar

We supported the Naturefund in Madagascar with our YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea. We would like to tell you a bit more about this wonderful project with which we started off 2015. Read more
28. March 2016 Do Good • General

Experience spring… with all of your senses!

Spring is finally here! And with the mild season, our vitality and desire to go places returns. Did you know that spring is also significant in Ayurveda? Spring is the Kapha time... Read more
22. March 2016 General

Spring awakening with YOGI TEA®

Spring is a new beginning. We would like to present some of our Ayurvedic herb and spice teas, as well as suitable yoga exercises that are perfect companions for the spring. Read more
17. March 2016 General

Chai Latte: How well do you know it?

Chai Latte has become very trendy over the past few years. You can order a Chai Latte at almost every café around the corner and find it already prepared as a powder in the supermarket! Its spicy taste and the irresistible exotic aromas make it very popular and immediately put you in an Oriental-magical mood. We collected three facts about Chai Latte that you should know. Read more
23. February 2016 General

Golden Milk: A Healthful Tonic for More Flexibility, Vitality and Beauty

Turmeric or curcuma is the root of a plant from the ginger family, which mainly grows in India. It has been valued for thousands of years by yogis and Ayurvedic scholars as a beneficial food and used in the kitchen as an ingredient for daily meals. Turmeric is what gives Indian curry its characteristic yellow colour Read more
09. February 2016 Recipes

Women's Tea and Men's Tea?!?

Now and then we receive the question "why YOGI TEA® has created Women’s and Men’s Tea?". “It is just a marketing trick!” – This is what many people think. We forwarded the question to Sat Hari Singh and hope, his explanation can help Read more
26. January 2016 General

YOGI TEA® Choco Coco Delights

Because of the many inquiries that we received, we are introducing a new recipe for a delicious sweet dessert made from YOGI TEA® Choco– one of the most popular YOGI TEA® creations. Read more
15. January 2016 Recipes
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