Keep Yourself Warm with Ayurveda

On especially cold days, it feels like you’re shivering from your head down to your feet. Does this sound familiar? Then give your everyday life a bit of spice and let yourself feel warmer! Read more
04. January 2017 Feel good • General

It's Christmas Cookies Time!

When the first little lights shine in the streets and the houses are festively decorated, you suddenly feel a stronger desire to bake christmas cookies... Read more
12. December 2016 General • Recipes

Medadumbara Scholarship Fund Inauguration

My name is Georg and I am the Purchasing Manager for YOGI TEA®. My last visit to Sri Lanka was very special and I am very happy to share a part of my travel diary and some pictures I took with my camera. Enjoy! Read more
05. December 2016 Do Good • General

Throat Comfort Sweet Bread

We are pleased to introduce a new recipe by (and with) YOGI TEA®. Read more
17. November 2016 Recipes

The pre-Christmas season is a special time!

New design, same enchanting taste: The Christmas Tea is back! This year, the YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea is dedicated to an educational project in Sri Lanka. Read more
09. November 2016 General

Fit for winter – General wellbeing

No matter where you go, it feels like everyone is coughing or sneezing at the moment. Does it feel like that to you, too? We'll show you which teas we think are the best foundation of wellbeing in winter. Read more
30. October 2016 General

Fit for winter - Throat & Breathe

The cold and the rain, changeable weather, and snow and ice can all weaken the body's defenses. Nothing better than a nice hot cup of tea when we come home from a day spent in winter's chill! Read more
17. October 2016 General

Classic Eggplant

Would you like something delicious, healthy, creative and vegetarian? This recipe is just the right thing! Classic Eggplant (Takes 15 minutes | makes 4 portions) Read more
10. October 2016 Recipes

Vata is in the air...

Autumn is always a time of vata. So let's take a look at the best way to defy the wet, cold months with good tips for all of the Ayurvedic constitutional types. Read more
21. September 2016 Feel good • General

Matcha: How well do you know it?

Matcha tea is the tea world's most exciting rediscovery of the 21st century. Here are three things about matcha that you may not know or be aware of. Read more
07. September 2016 General
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